Louise M. Smith Home The Louise M. Smith Home is a maternity home for girls under the age of 20. Along with our other residential homes, the Smith Home is located on our 152-acre site in Randolph County. Girls may be admitted to the home while they are pregnant and continue to live there after their child is born. The focus is on helping mothers grow personally and learn maternal skills while making certain all of the baby’s developmental needs are met. The home has room for six girls and their infants. The staff provides hands-on learning in all areas of infant care, maternal skills and personal growth. The goals of the home are good prenatal care and full-term delivery, personal growth of the girls, development of maternal skills and the successful care and development of the child. The program works with the young mothers and thier children to create a healthy environment for the physical, mental and spiritual development of both mother and child. By the time the mother and infant are ready to leave the program, a seamless, well-developed transition plan is in place that assures a safe permanent home for mother and child. The ulitmate goal is a mature, confident mother who can care for herself and her child, thus breaking the generational cycle of dependence.  

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