2012 Christmas Newsletter

Published by Bethany Rice on Wednesday, January 23, 2013


And she shall bring

  forth a son, and thou shalt

 call His name Jesus; for he

 shall save His people from

 their sins. 

                                    Matthew 1:21


       As we celebrate the birth of Jesus, we pray you and your family will be blessed with peace and joy.  May your New Year be filled with the light of His love and the gifts of the Spirit.

      We sincerely appreciate the support you have shown us over the years in our endeavor to provide hope and care to those in need.



      The Louise M. Smith Home for Girls, which was licensed on January 31, 2008, continues to provide a much needed service to young moms and their infants.     The Smith Home is a lovely, comforting place of refuge for six 

pregnant girls and/or new moms with  their infants.  The home offers a caring environment where young women, who are facing parenthood alone, can receive the guidance and instruction to become independent.



      The Slane, Millis, and Hayworth Residential Homes.  For many years residential care was the cornerstone of our mission.  Although through the years we have grown and other programs have evolved we are pleased that the out-of-home placement option continues to be available for children in our community whose needs cannot be met by our other programs.   The Slane and Millis homes provide needed care for boys and the Hayworth Home serves girls.


     The Behavioral Health Clinic for

outpatient therapy, physician services, and medication administration that was started in  November of 2010 continues to provide services at our Sophia office as well as our High Point office.         

      The Nurse Practitioner is available to individuals from age 3 up to 20 years of age at Sophia each Monday and Tuesday.  She is in the High Point office each Wednesday and every other Thursday.  The clinic serves families in Guilford, Randolph and Davidson County.   

     The increasing number of families needing our Intensive In-Home Services has lead to the expansion of our Intensive In-Home teams.  This program is a very effective resource for families experiencing difficulties and has a high rate of success in helping to stabilize families while preventing out-of-home placement.

      OurOutpatient Therapy Services provide counseling for individuals and families by a Licensed Professional Counselor.  This service is available at our Sophia office as well as the High Point office.


      Our Therapeutic Foster Care and Family Foster Care Program held numerous trainings this year for our prospective and current foster families.  We are always seeking new families to join our fostering family.  If you are interest in learning more about foster care, we will host an Open House in January and our next MAPP training (required for licensing) will be held in early Spring.  Please call our office at 336. 883.1361 for questions regarding the Open House or if you would like information about  fostering children.



      Congratulations!  One of our foster children has recently been adopted by his foster family.  Our prayers and best wishes go out to them.      


    Thank you for your help –      

                                                              God  Bless  You